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Three ways on spending quality time with a toddler.

98% of my Insta story consists of my life with my little boy Aiden - our crazy little life together. And I often get messages like: How do you do it? That's crazy! and my recent fav one: Aiden is a work of Art himself.


Well before I had Aiden, I didn't quite know what kind of mother I would be and how on earth I would teach my kid. Even the idea of owning a little life scared me a bit and I don't think I ever imagined my life as a mother.

Now, I can't even imagine my life without this little boy. Alittlebite by grace wouldn't exist without him either. 

When you become a mother, you suddenly do things that you never thought you would ever do. It still surprises me how I have the power to lift a 15kg little man (Aiden), wake up early in the morning to chase all the birds in town ( we are talking early like 7am ), make time to cook, clean and embrace the glorious mess in between. 


So, you want to hear 

Three ways on spending quality time with a toddler.

1. Do everything together.

Eat, bake, cook, clean,... and I'm not just saying this because Aiden is always by my side. I let Aiden fold his clothes, put the clothes in the washing and make him vacuum. While I may sound like a crazy mother, all these household duties with a toddler requires heaps of patience and love. Be warned, you will end up finding little toddlers folding clothes with their feet, trying on every underwear on their head, giving you 10 reasons why he should jump inside the washing machine and screaming really loud to beat the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Embrace the glorious mess

This links right back to my first tip - doing all things together. Everything you do with your toddler will end up being a mess. Don't try to clean up everytime because you will end up doing the same thing over and over again x100. According to Albert Einsten, Thomas Edison and even Steve Jobs, they all had messy work spaces. Thanks to your toddler, you may even become a creative biz genius. Breathe, smile and embrace the glorious mess.

3. Stop to smell the flowers 

I spend the time chasing birds, looking up in the sky, following little ants that run around, staring the construction zone, stalking puppies around our neighborhood and the list goes on... Before I had Aiden, I never had time to do such a thing and now, everyday is full of surprises and wonder. I love having the time to breathe and enjoy the little luxuries in life with my little man. I also love how I am never too busy to miss out on how Aiden gains confidence, grows in character, finds interests, and experiences and new opportunities by enjoying life.


I am also growing with my boy. 

I'm growing as a mother, a girl boss, a mum boss -  loving life, embracing mess, becoming more forgiving and accepting and most importantly, it's allowing myself to do everything ( parenting and business ) wholeheartedly. Alittlebite by grace all started off with the intention to bring more love and happiness through beautiful illustrations and lettering. And though it's taking all the time in the world to run this business with a toddler, I believe they are both growing slowly and beautifully.

And I like it that way.

Breathe, embrace and enjoy the little things in life! x

With love,

Grace x

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